Premium Flowers is a market and customer oriented fresh cut flower distribution company with a stunning portfolio of products always ready to ship.

Strategically operating from Miami-Florida, we consistently supply the United States and Canada with a diverse product line, on-demand, from reliable and quality oriented suppliers around the world.

We are also growers of tradition. Since 1969 we grow our main product lines. Roses, Carnations, Mini Carnations, and full Chrysanthemum line. Today we have also diversified into self-grown novelty flowers to complement our own farms product line.

In 1985 we established our distribution company in Miami and partnered with the best growers we hand-picked around the world to offer a diversity of quality Novelty flowers always in tune with the season, demand and market trends.

Today this –hard to get – product line is one of our strengths given our many and specialized sources for product in very high demand by retail and event planners through our wholesale partners.

Our operation is backed by more than 1000 hectares of production in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Central America and the Caribbean.

Our Philosophy is simple, only top quality flowers should make their way into our customers’ hands, and based on that principle, we have built strong and mutually rewarding relationships and partnerships with the most distinguished wholesale buyers in the industry.

Our major asset consists of an enthusiastic team of experienced and dedicated professionals who specialize in such important areas as: quality control, logistics, procurement and sales. Each and every one of them with the same guiding principles: quality of product and customer service.

We invite you to experience the Premium difference first-hand. We encourage you to take a tour of our operation, visit our website and talk with one of our experienced Account Managers.

About Us

Our Facilities

Maintaining the cold chain and optimal staging conditions as flowers make their way through our facility is key in order to deliver the quality and freshness promise to our customers. Our state of the art pre-cooling and rack storage facilities are regulated 24/7 by state of the art software ensuring optimal temperatures and humidity conditions.

Our facility is located just minutes due west of the Miami International Airport and you are always welcome to take a guided tour and see how we operate.

Our Customers

Premium Flowers supplies fresh cut flowers in bulk, consumer bunches and bouquets to more than 600 regular customers in the United States and Canada from coast to coast.

The vast majority of our customers are wholesale florists who serve a network of florists and retailers in their respective geographical areas and zones of influence.

Our Suppliers

As a crucial part of our operation, our suppliers are 100% committed to following stringent quality standards which are complemented by a rigorous inspection upon arriving at our Miami operations facility.

Premium Flowers grows its main product categories and also represents farms from soil and sun rich countries as Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru and the Dominican Republic.

All of our farms adhere to strict labor, environmental and quality standards. We work with growers that have one or more of the following certifications: FlorVerde, FlorEcuador, the Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade Alliance, Flobal Gap and ETI – Ethical Trading Initiative.

Our Mission

To continue being a leader in the floral industry by assessing, meeting and exceeding our employee, customer and supplier’s needs allowing for profitable and rewarding growth opportunities.

Our commitment
to Our Customers

We are committed to strengthen the competitive position and profitability of our customers by providing them superior quality products, tailor-made marketing programs and unparalleled customer service in order to increase their sales and optimize their profits.

Our commitment
to Our Suppliers

We are committed to strengthen the competitive position and profitability of our growers by affording them a consistent demand for their product, paying fair and competitive prices from which they can dedicate resources to better their craft and always be at the forefront of new technology and new varieties exploration.